IMP Model Application Form 2

NOTE: You may use the following methods to pay the application fee on this form: Direct Bank Deposit, ATM Deposit or Online Transfer.


  1. After completing and submitting your application, you will be directed to a *Submission Successful" Page. This page acknowledges your submission and gives you further instructions on how to make your application fee payment and other things to follow. 
  2. If you've not already paid the fee, pay the fee using any of the methods above to the Payment Remittance information on the "Submission Successful" page (For your convenience the Payment Remittance Information can be found by clicking the "Payment Remittance Information" link below.
  3. ***Save your payment confirmation number*** 
  4. You will receive a "Payment confirmation" email prompting you to enter the following: i. Your payment confirmation number, ii. Name of Depositor /Payer, iii. Name of applicant (if different from the depositor / payer) and iv. email address of the applicant. After Completing the "Payment Confirmation" form, click "Process My Application"
  5. Upon receipt of your completed "Payment Confirmation" form, IMP will confirm your payment and then begin the processing of your application.

**Please NOTE that your application CAN NOT be processed UNTIL the application fee of $35.00 (Thirty Five Dollars or it's equivalent in your local currency), has been remitted and confirmed**


That's it! - Best Wishes!!!

Payment Remittance Information