Who We Are

Imp Definition:

To furnish with wings....,

To graft (new feathers) onto the wings of a trained falcon or hawk to repair damage or increase flying capacity.


International Modeling Portal (IMP)....Birthed by Angela Ukpoma, a Beauty Queen from Nigeria, west Africa with a vision to open up more modeling opportunities for models in 3rd world/ developing countries. 

International Modeling Portal (IMP) is set up as a model placement service. We provide modeling employment opportunities to models (male or female) that utilize IMP's service/ website pending the model's acceptance by an international modeling agency through IMP's submission. 

International Modeling Portal is the doorway to connecting models with the desire to work internationally, with the opportunity of becoming international professional models! 

With the acronyms that spell IMP (definition above), our aim is exactly as it's definition - "to furnish your modeling career with wings" so that you can "soar" in success in your modeling carrer!

We help with taking the "guessing" out of your submission by looking through your photo and data submission and choosing the photos, in our discretion that best fits the requirement of the international modeling agency.

Once chosen, attorney's are ready to help with the work visa arrangements. 

So all that's left for you to do right now, is to submit your photos and data and we'll take it from there!


Looking forward to seeing you work as an international professional model!