FaceShot006closeGGa Hello & Welcome to International Modeling Portal...... A place where models (aspiring & professional) get a chance to work internationally!


As a Beauty Queen & model from a developing country, I understand the lack of opportunity that you may be experiencing.

Many of you have asked me how you too can be a part of the international modeling industry.... International Modeling Portal was birthed as an answer!

This is one of my ways of giving back and helping out.... keeping a portal open for you and putting the pieces of working internationally together so that you don't have to.

I intended to start this as a modeling competition (it's on the way) but, I thought, through this medium, more models can have a chance at being considered plus, I can meet more of you on a personal basis and hopefully your life will be impacted positively!

I have also set up a forum where we can bond so feel free to register. You can send me Private mesages (please allow some time for a response as I am attending to many of you). 

Looking forward to seeing you work internationally as a professional model!

Blessings & Best Regards,


MBGN'99 (Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria '99)


Remember to read the "IMPORTANT..READ BEFORE YOU SUBMIT" Section and the "Submission Requirements" BEFORE you submit.



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