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  • IMP is not a modeling agency and as such, does not provide modeling jobs for models. 
  • IMP's service can be likened to a model placement service. 
  • A model (professional or aspiring) submits their data through IMP's website. NOTE: As with all employment, submission of an application does not guarantee employment (Data submission can be likened to application submission). 
  • All Models must meet the full requirements as described on the “requirements page” of this website.
  • Upon receipt of the submitted data, IMP selects to IMP's discreton the model photos that may best represent the model seeking employment. 
  • Upon photo selection, IMP introduces the model, through electronic format, to one of the largest international modeling agencies in the world. 
  • Although every effort is made using the model's submitted data, IMP does not and can not guarantee the model will be chosen. 
  • In the event a model is chosen for employment (... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!), it is his or her responsibility to cover all costs of travel, work visa, and accommodations including food and extra personal expenses.
  • In the event model is paid for modeling jobs, IMP will receive 10% of Model's pay.
  • In order to submit data, Models will pay a fee of $35.00 (Thirty five dollars) or it's equivalent in Model's local currency for the submission of their images and data to IMP for consideration of Modeling employment with international modeling agencies. 
  • The submission fee is a non-refundable processing fee and shall not be refunded regardless of a model's employment determination. 

Thank you for your interest in IMP. We look forward to receiving your data and images and hope to see you working as an international professional model soon! 

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